Cooking in the Curriculum

Learning about food, how to prepare it and the principles of a healthy diet is important for every one of our children. We aim to teach our pupils how to cook and to apply the principles of healthy eating and good nutrition. We recognise that cooking is an important life skill that will help children to feed themselves and others. The ability to cook healthy and affordable meals can have a lifelong impact upon our pupils' health. 

The National Curriculum stresses the importance of ‘instilling a love of cooking in pupils from a young age’ and introduces a formal spiral of skills that must be taught in all schools. We plan cookery lessons which will ensure a steady development of  these skills, as the children progress through school.  

We teach cookery in small groups and there are risk assessments in place. A list of allergens is available that we always take into consideration before any cooking session can proceed. Your child’s class teacher will be happy to talk to you about any special requirements, so that everyone can be fully included in these sessions.

The cost of ingredients and containers in which the food can be safely transported home is significant and we therefore ask parents to support school with a voluntary contribution of £1 for each session, i.e. £3.00 a year.  This addition to the school’s allocation to this area will ensure a really high quality experience for the children.