English Curriculum

We feel that English is at the heart of all learning. We are dedicated to creating a rich, exciting and comprehensive English curriculum for all our pupils. Please enjoy exploring these pages we have designed to get an overview of the vision we have and the accomplishments we have achieved to ensure 'Excellence for All'


Our vision for our reading curriculum:

Within our school, reading is a pivotal gateway to learning. Reading allows children to gain insight to the world around them and appreciate the diverse, inclusive society we all thrive in. It provides them with an unlimited amount of knowledge that they can utilise to develop understanding in all areas of the curriculum. We give them the space to explore their voice, develop their confidence and formulate opinions influenced by our wide-variety literature. We encourage them to make connections between texts, characters and their own experiences and have the rich vocabulary to express themselves. Throughout our school reading is a purposeful and immersive experience with authentic learning opportunities. We recognise reading is fundamental to every child’s life-long development. We are committed to ensure every child is engaging with a range of challenge books and reading without delay. As a result, our pupils are confident and fluent readers with outstanding comprehension skills and a life-long love of reading.


Our vision for our writing curriculum:

Throughout the Bramham Shadwell Federation, we intend for pupils to develop a deep understanding of the writing process. Pupils learning journeys allow them to deconstruct quality texts that will inspire and influence their writing. These journeys also support pupils to understand key stylistic features and grammar in practice before producing, editing and presenting their own compositions. We strive to help pupils develop a genuine love of language through engaging and authentic writing opportunities, shared writing experiences and enrichment days. As a result, pupils have the skills to write confidently in a diverse range of genres and for different audiences frequently across the curriculum. Children consistently consolidate, develop and expand their knowledge of the English language in a rich and challenging environment. Teachers encourage children to write with purpose and passion to see themselves as real writers, who are proud of the writing they create. All children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 progressively engage with high-quality handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar knowledge that is applied in order to confidently communicate their imaginative ideas.