Nature Garden Makeover

8 March 2018

We are pleased to say the Nature Garden pond has had a total makeover. The work was paid for by a friend of Shadwell School, Thank You!

This will be very good for wildlife as in recent years the pond has dried up each summer, due to evaporation as it was so shallow and possibly a tear in the liner. Now the frogspawn that appears each spring stands a good chance of turning into frogs.

The pupils will be able to pond dip later in the year and hopefully find lots of minibeasts. We are still feeding the birds, especially necessary due to the hard spring we are having. KS1 pupils are getting good at identifying the birds. A pair of Blue Tits have been seen looking into the bird box that a pupil made with her grandparents, it would be wonderful if they nested.

Shadwell in Bloom helpers have said they will trim back the height of the willow arbour on KS1 playground. This is a lovely shaded area with a bench, appreciated in the summer, but needs constant lopping as it grows so fast.

Thank you to all who help our school provide a lovely green environment for our pupils.


Mrs Kennett 

Teaching Assistant