KS2 - P.E. Exercises and Skills

This is a time of year when we would be taking part in lots of sporty activities and competitions! This section contains different exercises and skills that you could practise by yourself. For each one make sure you're in a safe space, away from windows or trip hazards, and using appropriate equipment; if you're unsure, check with a responsible adult. 


Each video will have short demonstrations, so you can pause the video as you're watching it to practise, or wait till the end and select some skills you want to work on. Maybe you could also think of your own sporty challenges using the ideas in each video to really push yourself! Good luck!


Football with One Cone

In this video we try a couple of different ways to move a football around a cone.

Quick Hands

In this video we try to improve our catching skills, and our quick hands!

Throwing and Catching with Two Tennis Balls

This time we try to build on our catching skills whilst using two tennis balls!

Throwing and Catching One Tennis Ball and a Wall

In this video as well as trying to build on our throwing and catching skills, we're also improving our reactions!

Dribbling a Tennis Ball

This time we're going to practise our Tennis control by bouncing the ball off the floor.

Football Control and Dribble

A Football exercise you could do to improve your close control and dribbling.

Tennis Keepy Uppy

A Tennis exercise which you could use as a warm up.

Tennis Rotating Keepy Uppy

In this video we try and build on our previous Tennis skills.

Throwing and Catching Using Two Tennis Balls

This time we take on a greater challenge of throwing and catching two Tennis balls!

Dribbling a Ball

Here, we practise our basketball dribbling skills, which help link into our hand-eye co-ordination.

Netball Passing

In this video, we re-cap the basics of passing.